Tooth Rajuvenation

Tooth Rejuvenation Program






Tooth Rejuvenation Program (TRP) is a holistic and personalized oral health program designed to identify, prevent and restore the oral health. The concept of tooth rejuvenation is based on the simple principle of doing minimally invasive dental treatment.

This is done in two steps

1.Identifying : Identifying high risk dental patients who are more prone to dental problems like extensive recurring decay, bad breath, excessive tarter and calculus formation ,dryness of mouth, , salivary gland problems, excessive salivation, sticky saliva, bleeding or swollen gums

TRP use saliva as one of the important diagnostic tool. Saliva diagnostic tests compile your overall assessment results for saliva, plaque, diet, fluoride and other factors for better oral health.

All this information’s are recorded in a Risk Assessment Sheet and each individual is categorized as High risk, Medium risk and Low risk

2. Prevention : Based on the severity of the condition a personal prevention plan is developed for the patient. The existing oral health problems are corrected through minimum intervention and less painful dental procedures . An oral health kit is provided and advice for prevention procedure to keep you free from repeated occurrence of dental decay and other oral health diseases.

3. Maintenance : : All this is followed up with regular recall visits as part of the maintenance ,till a complete overall change in the oral condition is established.

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