Moiz Poonawala Pune, India

Well what can I say about this beautiful lady she has been a savior for me never had imaginel someone so caring her herfectionist and guess words are too describe or talk abt her hey doc love you for everything you have done for me.

Moiz Poonawala

Akshay Oberoi Pune, India


Firstly apologies for woring late everything I had an appointment however I am thoverghly satisfied with the job done it could  not get better Thank you very much

Akshay Oberoi

Rajesh Jaggi Ahmednagar, India

I could directly go to take a flight  for my business meeting from here that it self speak of her caliber. Thanks Shail !God bless you.

Rajesh Jaggi

Mangala Achariya Pune, India

Came in for a teeth clean and was extremely satisfied with the  procedure and result thanks docs !

Mangala Achariya

Dr.Sharad Maniar Pune, India

This is small token of appreciation for going over  beyondprofessional courtesy in helping me go through amajor dental procedure.Iwish youcontinued success  and attainment of greater heights in profession and personallife .

Dr.Sharad Maniar

Renu Puri, Pune

Shail you have done a great job for my teeth .A very caring doctor.An expert in her job.Has an answer for all the problems.Very patient and caring .Thanks a million for making me look presentable(with all my teeth problems)Wish you great success! 

Renu Puri

J.W.Park L.G Electronics

Here is my familys Dental Care Centre. My daughter and son also take treatment here. And we satisfied here, coming always .Doctor do best work !We appreciate your efforts .Thank You.


Teena Shah, Cananda

Dear Dr. Shail

I just wanted to thank you for the caring and kindness that you have demonstrated to me .The time you took ,the flexibility and the follow-ups were wonderful. I have not experienced service like that in Canada! Your assistance and work helped to make India unforgettable. Thank you so much!

Teena Shah

Teena Shah

Michael Kurtos, Germany

She does a very nice and good work. The Operation was a Masterpiece. The Prosthesis fits very well. I never had a better dentist.

Michael Kurtos

Harmen Broersma



Just  my  humble  opinion  Dr .  Jaggi  is  the  Best  Dentist  you  can  find  .  We  both  come  back every  time  when  we  are  in  Poona  .  

Harmen Broersma

Ramesh Fonseca, London

I had gone to see Dr.Jaggi on an emergency basis and I’m very glad I did! Her work is meticulous and very thorough. I’d recommend her to everybody!. Thank You

Ramesh Fonseca

Satsavya Mertens, Belgium


Finally I found a dentist I can trust and  takes first care of what is  the best for my teeth-Dedicated work and Professional – Thank You-Recommended

Satsavya Mertens

Vic A. Friman, USA


Great Care All The Way Thank You For Helping Me At Such Short Notice .The Treatment Was Almost Painless, Everything Was Explained Precisely At Every Step That’s What Made Me Feel Very Comfortable .Again a big Thank You.

Vic A. Friman

Sonia Guesta Maniar Lerma, Spain

It Was Very Fast And Painless!

Sonia Guesta Maniar Lerma

Bruno Figueira, Portugal

I felt so relaxed and with such trust! I can recommend these Excellent Dentists to everyone.

Bruno Figueira

Cess J Provily, Holland

Spent almost one year following upon dental treatment but always enjoyed the experience and dedication of Dr Jaggi. I always left with a smile. She did a perfect job!

Cess J Provily

Michael Schalte, USA

Fantastic Work! Much Better Than American Dental Care.

Michael Schalte

Shantom Sono – Belgium

Dear Dr. Jaggi, thank you for the patience and care you took to give me a nice smile again. You take all the worry & trouble away. Thank you so much!

Shantom Sono

Gaby Arndt – Tokyo

I wish I could meet you earlier, for so many years I looked for a good, trustfull dentist… & finally here you are!! Thanks for giving me my smile back.

Gaby Arndt

Joanne Weir, Edinburgh

Dear Dr. Jaggi, thank you so much for your time & patience considering how scared I am of the dentist. You managed to put me at ease to a remarkable degree, especially considering everything we had to do. Thanks so much for fitting me in.

Joanne Weir

Tarang Soni

Dear dentist,

Thank you so much for my treatment

Tarang Soni

Nitasha Sehgal


For the past few months I have spent the most lovely dates with Shail without fail on every sat! I love the time spent with you ha ha ha…

 You are superb, very efficient, caring doc!  You suggest   the wright thing unlike other dentist who would say yes for thing not   required simply for a big bank balance .You rock!  Oh!  I  didn`t realise i could say so many good thing about you   
Thanks for everything& saving my teeth from disasters
Love Nitasha

Nitasha Sehgal

Shamim porbanderwala , Solvees leaf bld, Narangi Baug lane, Pune-1

Dear shail,                          

Whenever i used   to think of a dentist, tears used to roll down. It was like   going to hell.                                         
But when i came to u, i realised you are so caring and always smiling. You have lots of patience especially fora patient like me. You are so gentle while doing work. I  am very greatful to you.
Thank you so much, for making me smile while coming to a dentist                        

Shamim porbanderwala

Ajinkya Gaikwad, Vimannagar, pune

It was an amazing experience. I always had this fear of dentist, but it was really different here, got a very homely feel and treatment, going to miss coming  here as it had  become a regular  thing.  

Ajinkya Gaikwad


Thank you doctor, for doing my tooth’s surgery.

You are the best doctor in the world.


Usha Amonkar

My experience with Dr Jaggi, way of dealing with   patients is non comparable to any doctor she has an excellent hand. I am

Very happy with the excellent work done

Usha Amonkar

Arjun Jois & Laxmi Jois

Thank you so much for your excellent job on my teeth.

Very friendly staff and felt very comfortable and at home 

Arjun Jois & Laxmi Jois

Martin Drobit, Austria

Dear Dr Jaggi & Dr Prajakta,

Thank you for all the treatment I had the best dentist experience in my life even not in Austria, I felt so safe and relaxed, the explanation of the treatment before helped a lot to gain confidence to get over with fear,
Never seen a dentist like this before! Hope to see you soon
Best regard                                                            
Drobit Martin

Martin Drobit

Develing willem

Thanks for your effort;   I have experienced a highly professional treatment.

Thank you again

Develing willem

Rakhi Jatakia, Pune

I would describe the treatment with one word I.E. “   superb   “ Both the docs are super awesome .Thank you so much. 

Rakhi Jatakia

Jonas Nedergaard, Denmark


I feel I’m in good hands all the way through.  I had a lot of work done in short time with no compromise for detials, fair prices and good envoirment.                                                   

                                                                                     Thank you for my new smile

Jonas Nedergaard

Dinesh Singh, Uttarkhand

It was good  job  done as  it was  kind  of emergency and  needed me  to get to work as  soon as possible so  they fixed the tooth in a short time and now i am  ready  to  go  for  work  again. Thanks

Dinesh Singh

Maria Fernandes, Pune

One of the best experience as far as my teeth are concerned. Both, Dr Shail & Dr Prajakta are gentle & try to understand the problem. The clinic is calm, quiet & clean making it a wonderful overall experience.Thanks a bunch!

Maria Fernandes

Armaiti Madon, Pune


Going to the dentist was no longer an ordeal. Dr. Jaggi is the friendliest doc I have come across. The clinic ultra modern & very airy & bright

Armaiti Madon

Ajay Joshi, Pune

Very comfortable office, excellent doctors & staff, was great pleasure coming here.

Ajay Joshi

Om Kumar, Pune


Couldn’t have been better, I come all the way to Pune to get treated by you.
Thank you

Om Kumar

Uday kumar, Pune

Very nice & painless treatment


Uday kumar

Ankita Patil Lunkad, Pune


I love the feel of the clinic. Its very neat & clean specially all the doctors & staff are really sweet & helpful. I feel very comfortable here & Dr. Jaggi is the best & sweetest. Love her smile & the way she treat everyone.                                      
    Thank you

Ankita Patil

Sibil Rajan, Pune

I am  not only completely happy with my treatment & smile after ward but the professionalism of the doctors and friendliness is amendable they make you feel at home.Dr. Jaggi gives her best & its her own critics she gave that has made my smile look so well. I wasn’ t sure I that I had made the right choice but now I am more than happy that I came here. 
Thank you always



Jenna Barron Tasmania, Australia

Not sure what I m going to do now all my dental problems have been fixed & I don’t have to come here anymore. Will miss my visit and shail’ s fun. May just have to make up some story to come back. Treatment & care just perfect and I will never go to anyone   else.


Jenna Barron

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