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Test How we perceive our smile and appearance affects our self-esteem, our moods and how we function in social and business relationships.
Analysis of one’s smile has both objective and subjective components. The “Smile Test” is designed to focus in on and evaluate your cosmetic concerns.

Objective Analysis

Stand in front of a large mirror and view your smile close-up at first and then step back to get an overall representation.

Are any of your teeth missing?
Are there spaces between any of your teeth?
Are your teeth too dark or stained?
Do you have crooked teeth?
Do you have some teeth that are chipped?
Do you have discolored fillings?
Do you have crowns [caps] that show metal?
Do you have crowns [caps] that have dark edges near your gum line?
Is the midpoint between your two front teeth lined up with the middle of your face and nose?
Do any of your teeth appear too fat, too short or too long?
Do your eye-teeth [canines] appear too long or out of line?
Do your teeth slant in one direction?
Do your lips cover most of your teeth when you smile?
Do you have a “gummy” smile [too much gums showing]?
Are your gums red and puffy?
Have your gums receded so that the root surface is visible?
Look at your teeth in the upper right front of your mouth. Is the gum line at
a different height when comparing the same teeth on the upper left front?
Is your face asymmetrical when you smile, so your cheeks and/or
lips on one side appear fuller or at different heights?
Stand slightly to the side. Does the biting edges of your upper teeth
Differ from the curvature of your upper lip?

Subjective Analysis

While the objective analysis helps establish how to change your smile, it’s your subjective analysis that determines if any changes are necessary. This is based strictly on your own inner feelings and whether or not your smile perception projects character and confidence or projects a poor self-image and/or makes you feel uncomfortable.
Are you unhappy with the appearance of your teeth and smile?
Are your teeth too dark or stained? Do you try to avoid being photographed?
When being photographed, do you smile with your lips closed?
Have you ever been embarrassed when seeing yourself smile in a home video?
Do you hold back laughing out loud because of concern for how you will look?
Are you inhibited from showing a full smile in front of others, especially strangers?
Do you shy away from interacting with groups of people because of your smile?
Do you find yourself hiding your smile by turning away or holding something in front of your mouth?
When reading magazines and looking at models with beautiful smiles, have you found yourself fantasizing about having their smile?
Can you think of an instance where concern for your smile has affected your work?
Can you think of an instance where concern for your smile has affected a personal relationship?
Have you developed any habits to mask your smile?
When you smile, is it forced rather than spontaneous?
Are you embarrassed to visit the dentist because of what they may see in your mouth?
Does your smile make you feel less confident?
Does your smile make you introverted?
If you could “wave a magic wand,” what changes would you make in your smile?
Describe how a beautiful smile would make you feel.
Most of us make decisions based on our emotions. Evaluate your subjective answers. Do you see a pattern? Do you want to make a change? We can help give you a better, more beautiful smile that can have a powerful impact on your lifestyle and comfort level.
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