Sterilization and Infection Control

Sterilization and Infection Control

As a dedicated dental team, we are concerned about patient protection from infectious diseases. Each time a patient visits our office, a very special trust is placed in our hands. We do not take this trust lightly. That is why we are committed to providing maximum protection to you, against kind of infectious disease. As a patient you can request on complete information of our sterilization procedures to satisfy yourself .

We would be happy to provide you with the information on why your visit to our office is safe and why there is no chance of cross-infection between you and previous patients. We are extremely concerned about sterilization standards. We would like to assure you that the sterilizing procedures used in our office are of such a high standard that we are totally confident that no individual is at risk. We comply with the international safety standards .

Our conscientious staff will assure you that the following procedures are conducted: Most equipment we use in our office is disposable .And everything on the patient tray before starting the dental work is opened up in front of the patient For all other equipment we use the Class B autoclave which is the highest standard of sterilization and disinfection as laid down by international standard guidelines.

WORKING AREAS: Are working areas are completely covered by safety protective sheets and cling wrap which is changed after each patient

HAND PIECES: We autoclave both the fast and slow speed hand pieces between each patient.

INSTRUMENTS: Instruments are taken from the operatory to sterilization room where they are washed, scrubbed, ultrasonically cleaned , rinsed and autoclaved. After each patient all suction tips, needles, wipes, sponges and sharps are disposed of properly.

TRAYS: Sterilized instruments are taken from the sterilized bags and placed on top of trays, which are covered by pre-sterilized tray covers .The trays are also scrubbed and cold soak sterilized for two hours after to each procedure.

COUNTER TOPS: Disinfectant sprays are used to eliminate bacteria and viruses from counter tops. All areas are sprayed with surface disinfectant and wiped clean.

GLOVES: New gloves are used for every patient. When the dentist or assistant leaves the operatory, gloves are removed and discarded. When coming back into the room, new gloves are again used. (We use more than 600 pairs of gloves a month!!!).

NEEDLES: New needles are used for each patient.

SALIVA EJECTORS AND ALL SUCTION DEVICES: We use disposable tips for each patient. After each patient all lines are wiped down and flushed. Main suction lines are disinfected daily.

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