Magnification In

Magnification in Dentistry







At our office we use the dental microscope in restorative or endodontic procedures which can increase the quality of  treatment in comparison to the treatment with the naked eye .

It is logical that the better you can see the more accurate & precise you can be. There are times when it is difficult to see accurately without magnification.

Incorporating  technology  in day -to- day practice  improves the quality of care for our patients . It  also helps in early diagnosis of various conditions which can be easily over looked by the naked eye.

To illustrate the conditions of teeth a dental microscope with an integrated CCD camera is installed , the magnified images of the teeth are displayed on the LCD monitors ,which our client can also see .



Dental microscope  offers  large no. of benefits.

1] Better visualization- it is possible to address unique or specialized treatment situations more efficiently & with greater precision.

2] Improved treatment quality

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