Kid Dentistry

Kid Dentistry

Do you realize how important your child’s baby teeth are ? They not only provide the ability to chew food, but they also are important for speech development. The teeth are essential in creating the boundaries for formation of many sounds we make when we talk. The baby teeth are also important for aesthetic reasons and some children who lose teeth early become self-conscious and won’t smile









Another purpose for the baby teeth is to hold the space that will be needed by the permanent teeth that will replace them. If a tooth is lost too soon, the teeth on either side of it may shift over, stealing the space the next tooth will need. This may create the need for braces in a child that otherwise would not have needed them.

Preventive Dental Treatment for kids is just as important so that they grow up cavity free. Sealants and Fluorides are protective covering over teeth that can prevent dental decay even before it happens.

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