How can I Brighten my Smile? Dr.Shail Jaggi Responds

How can I Brighten my Smile? Dr.Shail Jaggi Responds

Dr. Shail Jaggi, Pune’s leading Endodontist, and Dental Cosmetologist will now respond to our reader query weekly. Here’s the first set of questions received that have been responded to by her.  

I have yellowish teeth and will be getting married in a couple of weeks. Is there anything I can do to brighten my smile?

Hi. It’s best to get professional help to brighten your smile. You can opt for a chairside tooth whitening procedure that your dentist will do in the clinic. It will give you an immediate whiter and brighter smile within an hour.


I have gaps between my teeth and am really self-conscious when I smile. What are my options?

Hi. I can imagine your discomfort with this. I think you should see a cosmetic dentist at the earliest and have your smile evaluated.

There are a plenty of options to make your smile look fantastic.


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