Grinding Teeth

Grinding Teeth










Teeth-grinding, known as bruxism, can be an annoyance for family members, however it is common in many children and rarely damages teeth. Moreover, grinding teeth most often occurs during sleep in conjunction with other sleep disturbances.

Children who grind teeth during sleep are also more likely to experience nocturnal muscle cramps, wet the bed, suffer from colic, drool while sleeping, and talk while sleeping. Findings suggest the possibility of a common sleep disturbance underlying such sleeping behaviors.

Undesirable sleep behaviors can be worrisome to parents, especially if they occur simultaneously. However, current evidence suggests that such behaviors are related to one another and take place in normal children with no underlying physical or psychological disorders.

Children identified as those who grind their teeth during their school years were reportedly healthier than those who did not. If tooth-grinding causes concerns about a child’s dental health, parents should consult a dentist.

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