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Our clinic promotes a positive first experience enabling the child’s development and early trust and confidence.










Like everything else your child does for the first time, the first visit to the dentist can be important in shaping subsequent attitudes. So it is important to make sure the first visit is a successful one. Start by pre-planning. Don’t wait for an emergency. When you schedule the visit, let us know that it’s your child’s first time. We’ll tell you what to expect.

Usually, an introductory visit simply involves letting your child sit in the dental chair or having their teeth cleaned. This gives the young patient a chance to get acquainted with us in a positive way. Be careful not to communicate any anxiety to your child. Don’t promise treats: that tells the child the visit is something unusual. Don’t say, “It won’t hurt” or mention the possibility of pain or discomfort.

Instead, just tell your child something like “We’ll be visiting the dentist. You’ll get to sit in a special chair and help the dentist count your teeth.” If you don’t communicate anxiety, your child won’t feel anxious either.

Kids are pretty good at sensing what you’re feeling and reading between the lines.

We always explain to them exactly what we’re going to do and then show them what we’re going to do. After that they’re ready to go ahead with what we’ve explained.

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