Extream Makeover

Extreme Makeover

Your smile leaves a lasting impression. And is your most important feature.
In our office we combine artistic expertise along with the latest advances in materials and techniques to create the beautiful smile of your dreams. Our lab provides quality control so that your finished dental work is of the highest quality and ideal color.In order to produce just about any imaginable degree of “dazzle” and makeover desired, we incorporate a variety of artistic perspectives, mock ups, procedures and techniques, including computer imaging, which allows us to perform virtual restorations on a computer screen. If you are thinking about having extreme smile makeover done, computer imaging will enable you to see what your new smile will look like before the procedure starts

Extreme smile makeover utilizes a custom tailored smile design plan that takes into consideration the patient’s personal desires, age, gender, facial shape and broadness of smile.

A smile makeover can correct several dental deficiencies such as discolored, crooked, worn out, gapped, or missing teeth as well as misalignment of the teeth and bite problems.

Extreme makeover procedures also involve meetings with our hair , face and styling experts to offer you advice on how to enhance the overall look of your personality along with your new smile for a totally new you !!!!!!!


“It’s amazing how a smile makeover can change your life!”

“Contact us today for more information about your new dazzling smile!”

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