Endodontics (Painless Advanced Root Canal)


Painless Advanced Root Canal Treatment in Pune:

In our office we like to execute our work to perfection which why we have advanced techniques for Root Canal Treatment making the whole treatment totally painless and extremely precise.

Using advanced equipment makes it simple for us to complete all our root canals for most patients in two sitting and also in single sitting if required in cases of emergency.


As a basic start up protocol we use a special motor that is manufactured specifically for root canal preparation thereby eliminating the chances of failure and transmitting a very minimal force to the tooth ,making it painless !
The success of root canal treatment depends on the length evaluation of the roots . Our office uses the best known apex locater in the world for evaluating the exact length of your roots ,so that the roots are completely cleaned out and nothing is left behind to cause the tooth to get re-infected
Cleaning the Prepared Tooth:
Cleaning out the prepared tooth is an essential step to mark the success of treatment .It is during the cleaning that all the micro-organisms are flushed out and the canal is completely disinfected. For this we use ultrasonic cleaning of the canals with special tips to make sure we leave nothing behind before we seal the canals
Final Sealing of the Root Canal:
All canals have different shapes and for this purpose we use a filling material that can be compressed and pushed into all the spaces that may be present in the canal,which makes it impossible for microbial activity to regenerate in the tooth ensuring total success of the root canal treatment. For this we use a special unit called the System B which is the highest standard of completely and totally sealing off the root canal

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