Dr. Shail Jaggi: How to keep your breath smelling fresh

Dr. Shail Jaggi: How to keep your breath smelling fresh

The year has gone by in a flash! And as we approach the period of extended festivities, tooth pain is the last thing that you want to deal with.

But you definitely want fresh breath! You never know who you’re going to meet. So this week I don’t focus on the regular drudgery-filled dental issues. We talk about how to keep your breath smelling fresh. Some routine remedies and some quick fixes. So you can eat all you want and still be breathing sweet.

Does you Toothbrush have a Cover?

Time to dump it then. Studies have indicated that people who tend to cover their toothbrushes are more prone to oral infection. The moisture entrapped in the cap favors bacterial growth.

It’s way better to leave the toothbrush open so it can air out and dry naturally.

Got a Flu?

Using the same toothbrush post flu may re-introduce the microorganisms into the oral cavity. It’s a good idea to change your brush or keep it dipped in hydrogen peroxide for the duration of the illness. This will keep your mouth fresh and happy.

Party Time should not mean Fizz Time:

Try and stay away from the fizzy drinks. Studies reveal that people who tend to drink three or more glasses of soda or fizzy colas daily have 62 percent more tooth decay, fillings, and tooth loss. If you absolutely must drink those sugary drinks or colas, it’s always a good idea to use a straw. This will minimize the contact time with your teeth.

Ignoring Bleeding Gums?

Bleeding gums are painless and hardly any trouble except for the occasional bleed. Don’t ignore this however as this is a sign of initial or sometimes advanced gum disease. If not dealt with, the harmless-looking tartar and plaque on your teeth can cause deep pockets. This can lead to fetid or foul-smelling breath.

Brushing Right?

Most people brush for 45 to 70 seconds when it should actually be for about two minutes. The simplest way to do it is to get an hourglass timer and time yourself.

With this era of apps for everything, I’ve even found apps for brushing! Brush Up, Disney Timer app, Brush DJ and plenty more.

They are targeted at children but go ahead, no one is going to stop an adult from using it

Ailments and Medication?

Very often an unpleasant, stagnant breath could be a side-effect of some mediation that will tend to dry out the mouth and enhance bacterial activity.

Plenty of ailments like an upset stomach, post-nasal sinus drip can cause this. Smoking, alcohol, onions, garlic and strong cheese can leave you with foul breath and people wanting to excuse themselves in a big hurry!


If you wear dentures then it would be a good idea to keep them clean. Removing every night, washing them well with a soap solution and storing overnight in water can help prevent the mouth from smelling

Waterworks wonders for cleansing and keeping the mouth fresh! Sipping fresh water routinely is the simplest thing to do.

Keep watching this space FOR MORE! I’m going to be talking about home remedies next week without going to the dreaded dentist  Keep a smile.


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